Free downloads

  • VIGC has a number of free tools that can be downloaded from our website. These are tutorial files, help files with tips and practical examples on different themes.
  • You can download them easily and quickly by clicking on any of the links. A number of physical products, such as the VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit, the VIGC50 XCS and finishing tutorial are available at a reduced cost.

Print technology

  • VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit

    VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit

    How do you get the deepest black in a printed picture? Old wisdom says that you need 320 to 360% ink coverage, e.g. 95% C, 95% M, 45% Y, 95% K (ISO coated v2 ECI). But is that true? The VIGC took the challenge: how...

  • VIGC50 eXtreme Color Suite (XCS)

    VIGC50 eXtreme Color Suite (XCS)

    The VIGC50 XCS (eXtreme Color Suite) is a new test suite for color management. And not just another color test suite: the images from other test suites are either rather old, or mainly studio images which were taken specifically for the test suite, usually with...

  • VIGC Max TAC ICC-profiles

    VIGC Max TAC ICC-profiles

    The ICC profiles that we have used for the VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit are available FOR FREE! The advantages for the printing industry are so huge that we want to stimulate the use of them in any possible way, which means a free distribution…...

Design and prepress

  • 8 reasons why you need preflight

    Preflighting – the technical inspection of a PDF file – is still not used consistently by everyone. That became recently evident during a study of VIGC: 20% of the printers did not check incoming files. The number of designers, advertising agencies that does not check...

  • Standard Preflight Profiles VIGC, version 2 (July 2010)

    Standard Preflight Profiles VIGC, version 2 (July 2010)

    Update:  the VIGC_v2.01_Prepare for MagazineAds_1v4 and VIGC_v2.01_Prepare for NewsPaperAds_1v4 Live Preflight Profiles are updated (the check on ‘max. pages required’ has been set to ‘exactly 1’). These updated profiles now contain version number ‘v2.01’. If you are still using v2.0 for these profiles, we kindly...

  • VIGC PDF viewer Check

    VIGC PDF viewer Check

    From our tests with PDF viewers we know that not every PDF viewer can display a ‘print ready’ PDF the right way: some elements might be shown incorrectly. Since we got a huge amount of reactions to our study – some printers are confronted on a weekly...

  • VIGC Output Essentials for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop

    VIGC Output Essentials for Adobe InDesign, Photoshop

    Update 19/6/2014: the InDesign CS6 panel is compatible with Adobe InDesign CC 2014. However, there is a problem in Adobe Photoshop CC 2014: it will not load panels (more info in this thread). Update 26/06/2013: the CS6 panels are compatible with Adobe CC! Update 27/04/2013:...