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VIGC PDF viewer Check

From our tests with PDF viewers we know that not every PDF viewer can display a ‘print ready’ PDF the right way: some elements might be shown incorrectly. Since we got a huge amount of reactions to our study – some printers are confronted on a weekly basis with inapproriate PDF viewers – and the fact that it seems to be quite difficult to get customers to use the right tools, the right settings, VIGC has developped a new tool: the VIGC PDF viewer Check.

Update: the VIGC PDF viewer Check is available in following languages: English, French, Dutch, Danish. Want to help with the translation? Send us a mail:

The concept of the VIGC PDF viewer Check is quite simple: it consists of a one page PDF that printing companies, prepress companies can insert as the first page into PDF proofs. If the customer uses the right PDF viewer with the right settings, only a friendly message appears, asking him to to review the proof and some tips what to look for in a proof. If an inappropriate PDF viewer is used, or with the wrong settings, a clear message will appear: WRONG VIEWER OR WRONG SETTINGS. The VIGC PDF viewer Check will show which PDF viewers will work correctly and where the free Adobe Reader – the only reliable free PDF viewer from the VIGC tests – can be downloaded and which settings need to be changed. So both the error and te solution are included in the VIGC PDF-viewer Check.

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A real life example: the printer saw the image on the left, the client the image on the right. The white text was set to overprint. Because most PDF viewers don’t know this concept, they won’t show it correctly.