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VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit

How do you get the deepest black in a printed picture? Old wisdom says that you need 320 to 360% ink coverage, e.g. 95% C, 95% M, 45% Y, 95% K (ISO coated v2 ECI). But is that true?

The VIGC took the challenge: how low can you go – in ink coverage of course – before you see a visual difference? Based on our extensive knowledge and many testing in the field of color, printing standardisation and color profiles, we started experimenting. And what did we find: nobody could see a significant difference between a maximum ink coverage on coated paper of 320% and 260%… On condition that the right (VIGC) profiles for color conversion were used. Just calculate how much ink you can save!

When we did the test with a few dozen of people at a print show, not one professional found even the 220% unacceptable! One even said: “If you would send this job to four different printing companies, you would see bigger differences than what you are showing me.” More than half of the professionals gave the same or even a higher value to the images with a lower TAC.


But how can you convince a designer, a brand owner about this fact? That’s where the VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit comes in to play: we took three rather critical images, with TACs (total area coverages) of 220%, 260%, 300%, 320% and printed them on three different paper types. The images only contain a code, the TAC of the image is only mentioned in the documentation that comes with it. This way we – and you – get a completely objective evaluation of the print samples! With the VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit you can convince everybody to use the profiles with a lower ink coverage. And that way a lot of costs can be saved, lots of problems can be prevented.



Ink is about 2 to 5% of the total cost of a printing company. Imagine that you could save 20% on the ink, what would that mean on a yearly basis? But you need to convince people to use a lower TAC. That’s what the VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit is the ideal – and independent – tool for. The cost of the complete kit is 295 euro (excl. VAT when applicable and delivery costs, prices at October 2011). Which is just a fraction of the savings you can get with a lower ink coverage… It is also presented in a deluxe Moleskine portfolio. Shipping costs are 15 euro within Europe, 20 euro outside Europe.


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The ICC profiles that we used for the VIGC Max TAC Evaluation Kit are available for FREE! More information on that can be found here. The profiles were thoroughly tested upfront, a.o. with the VIGC50 XCS.